Di Santa Confirmed For Argentina

Argentina’s schedule prior to the start of the 2014 World Cup will see them locking horns with Trinidad and Tobago only 1 week before the start of the tournament and Alejandro Sabella came up with a few surprises after announcing his provisional 30 man squad which included Franco Di Santo while Carlos Tevez is not in the list.

A few months ago Tevez said that he was not expecting to be included in Sabella’s squad that he will be taking to the 2014 World Cup. Tevez is believed to not have a good relationship neither with the coach nor with Lionel Messi and considering that the Barcelona performer the central figure of the Argentinean squad, it’s better off for the tactician to simply leave him out and avoid unnecessary problems.

Considering that Carlos Tevez is one of the top goal-scorers in the Italian League, Serie A, he would be a good addition to the squad who could also serve as a backbone to the team just in case Messi underperforms on some matches.

The real shocker that Sabella made was the addition of Franco Di Santo as the 25 years old player has only made 2 senior appearances for Argentina in his entire career and his season playing with Werder Bremen has not been standout to say the least, Di Santo confessed that it’s a privilege to even be announced and added into the list of 30 players of Sabella.

‘’Being in the 30 players is a privilege. As an Argentinean I feel pleasure and pride in being part of a list that contains performers which have world class quality’’

The 25 years old forward later went on talking about his latest season with Werder Bremen which hasn’t been as impressive as other players in the provision squad of Sabella as he has been injured as well as facing suspensions.

‘’It was a complicated season. At the beginning of the campaign I received 3 suspensions and then I got injured but I have been slowly improving’’ Di Santo said.