Di Santo enjoying his time

Franco Di Santo who was a free transfer from Wigan Athletic to Werder Bremen says that he is enjoying his time at the club and in a recent interview he was asked how he feels after coming back from the injury and playing the first round to which he said that it is always a pleasure to play for Werder Bremen especially when you are coming back from an injury. He has been in and out of the starting eleven after having suffered from quite a lot of injuries recently.

He is looking forward to play in the second round and feels that the final preparation is quite good. He has also gone through a lot of therapy lately which has helped him to be more confident and he is sure that the comeback would be a good one for him. When asked about the coming match he said that winning the game and getting three points would be absolutely crucial for the team and that is what he wants at this point of time. He hopes that the fans would be supporting them as they have always done in the past.

He was also asked whether his team could fight from the relegation zone and make it to the league again or not he said that the points table is not as bad as it seems and there are still opportunities which they can capitalize on. Considering the fact that the team had too many injury problems from the beginning Di Santo feels that with players coming back to the squad they would be able to see this season through without getting relegated.

On asked whether he is looking forward to getting selected for the World Cup or not he said that when he was in Wigan he was called for the squad but since then there has been tough times for him as he could not score more goals and so far it seems the ticket to World Cup would not come to him.