Diego Maradona criticizes on Messi

The Argentinean legend Diego Maradona has blasted his compatriot Messi and also the Barcelona hierarchy for remaining away from the recent prize function of FIFA in Zurich.

The excuse that Barcelona gave for their absence from the function was that they had a match scheduled shortly and they wanted to be well prepared for that match as it was must-win for them.

But, as per Maradona, it’s a lame excuse because Madrid’s next match was not too far away either and it’s not that their desire to win was any less strong than that of Barcelona, but, they showed their respect towards the governing body of the game.

It was not just any random prize function, it was the one organized by FIFA and FIFA controls everything in the game. So, it becomes the duty of each and every club around the world not to ignore the invitation of FIFA.

The thing is that Barcelona’s main man Messi was nominated for the top prize in that prize function along with Madrid’s main man Ronaldo, but, everyone had the idea that the latter was going to beat the former as he had better numbers against his name in the past season.

However, it was only fitting for Barcelona to register some sort of representation in the function. But, rather than being that sporting, they chose not to feature in the function at all which was a real shame.

And Ronaldo did not miss the chance of mocking Barcelona when he made his way to the stage to collect his prize. In his speech, he said that it did not feel great to have zero representation of Barcelona in the function, but, he was not surprised by it at all.

Maradona’s opinion is not too different to Ronaldo’s as he also believes that it’s proving to be a little hard for Barcelona to digest the fact that Madrid is the no. 1 side at the moment.