Franco Di Santo Highlights How They Want to Defeat the Blues

Franco di Santo, the UC striker, is not happy with the drop in performance, which has crossed the team in recent times, taking into account the last three National Championship 2023 games, where they hardly scored any goal.

The Argentine made a statement where he said that it bothers them. They go out looking for games and they have chances but he doesn’t like entering. According to him, it will be more worrying if they didn’t have chances. He and his team hope to get back to the streak that they had at the start.

It is crucial to rescue that they are scoring fewer goals for us.

Franco di Santo explained that U is on the rise- they have already shown it but they haven’t stopped being catholic. They have their weapons and they are going to search for them at every party. He hopes to be able to mark them. He says that he is working with the kinesiologists so that he can and he will do the impossible for that. Franco di Santo appears calm even though the team acquired fewer points than the Blues in the match at Concepcion.

The 34-year-old striker commented that if they win, they will again be the leaders. The concern is that they want to win and they would not like giving up in the first place. It is surely something that they can recover.
Additionally, it wasn’t complicated not having UC fans in the last game. He says that when he finds people against him, he feels more motivated. Di Santo believes that it is going to be difficult but will be motivational. Beyond everything, it feels good to win the classic but is 3 points just as in any other match and they need it against O’Higgins.