Franco di Santo played for six years in the Premier League

Franco di Santo played for six years in the Premier League with clubs like Wigan, Chelsea, and Blackburn.

During this time, the striker was forced to miss all the Christmas celebrations back home since the Premier League is one of the few without a winter break. In fact, there is actually a lot of matches during this period. There have been many to have voiced their concerns about the lack of a winter break, but there has also been a support. The Boxing Day schedule has a rich history in English football and he was have been looking to maintain it even after the influx of many foreign players.

England has one of the highest concentration of foreign players across all the major leagues. Since his move to Germany, di Santo has been able to enjoy some time away from the game during the Christmas period. The striker has overwhelmingly approved his support for a winter break. It has been argued for several years that the lack of a winter break has been the reason behind England not performing well when it comes to international tournaments. The nation has also lagged behind Spain and Italy in terms of Champions League or general European success as well.

However, the prospect of a winter break in English football does not appear to be happening right now. "We always try to do 100 percent in every single team. Players, they are not machines — it's true. I don't want to [make] excuses because I don't want to, but it could be better that we have a break. Every player needs a break. Normally you see in England at the end of the season we have so many injuries. That could be because of that. The two years I've been here was amazing,” said the striker.