Former Schalke 04 star Franco di Santo has revealed that he has what it takes to play till he's 40 years old. The 32-year-old held a recent interview where he revealed that he still feels way younger than his age and would also be very much willing to maintain his current shape and fitness so he can try to achieve his aim of playing till he's at least 40 years of age. When asked if he has what it takes to do that, he revealed that he is a huge fan of AC Milan's Sweden international veteran striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has passed 40 years but is still playing at the highest level.

He also pointed out that Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo is currently 36 but is also still very fit and is not looking like he will be hanging his boots anytime soon. Di Santo plays for a club in Argentina and has not really made headlines following his departure from Germany but has been putting in impressive performances for his side in the Argentine Football League.

He pointed out that he is not making any comparisons between himself and the two football legends he mentioned, but stated that he is only idolizing them for their ability to maintain such a shape for such a long time and applauded them for still playing in Europe even at their age.

According to DI Santo, a lot of players ended their playing careers before hitting 35, also adding that a lot more will join that category. However, he revealed that not only is he eyeing playing till reaching 40, he would also love a return to European football.

Although he is yet to receive any concrete offer from any European club, he says that he hopes the offer arrives soon and he will put it into consideration.