Highlights Of FC Schalke 04 And Franco Di Santo’s Contribution To Win The League

The 2015/16 champions league has 7 rounds of matches left and all 18 teams of Bundesliga are putting in their best efforts to make this league the most challenging and exciting one in the history of Bundesliga competition.

But the question is how things will shape up once they reach the final stretch and their chances of achieving their targets.

The club FC Schalke is the leading tier of football in Germany and it’s their 23rd season in this competition of the Bundesliga. It has some of the best players and Franco Di Santo is one of the best strikers to name a few. This 26 year old man from Argentina plays as a striker in Germany for his team Schalke and he prefers shooting through his right foot. He has earned 77 ratings overall and has even achieved a 3 star rating for his skill moves.

The Schalke has had their victory in 5 of their games and are determined to win in all matches. Franco Di Santo and his team have occupied the Champions league football since 12 out of the 27 matches till now. Schalke has moved into the fourth position with 44 points and Monchengladbach has moved back to 5th position.

The defender of Austria, Martin Hinteregger involuntarily puts through his goal which has made Schalke move ahead of Andreas Christensen, the defender for Danish. The top three teams will be qualified directly to the Champions League while the team Schalke will be eligible in the playoff round of the football tournament.

It is quite an interesting match from start to finish. Andre Breitenreiter has impressed his followers as he has scored 30 goals which is one of the best records in the football league of Bundesliga so far. With some of the best players like Franco Di Santo and many others, Schalke is sure to be one of the top scorers in the league.