Landon Donovan and Club Leon Part Company

Landon Donovan has decided to end his association with Club Leon by ending his contract. The former LA Galaxy star surprised many by coming out of retirement back in January in order to join the Mexican club. However, he was not a regular fixture for Club Leon and featured in just a handful of matches as a regular starter. The club ended up finishing 13th in the Mexican league and it appeared that the partnership was not expected to continue for long. It has proven to be the case, as the two parties have decided to end of the contract a couple of months before it was scheduled to expire. Donovan was set to leave Club Leon at the end of 2018 but this announcement has accelerated his departure.

Club Leon announced that they would like to thank Landon Donovan for the commitment and leadership skills shown during the period. Regarded as one of the greatest MLS players, Donovan has had a difficult time in the last few years. His troubled spell with Jurgen Klinsmann with the United States national team was the start of the issues and he announced his retirement from the game after winning the MLS cup with LA Galaxy back in 2014. However, he came back from retirement in 2016 to once again represent LA Galaxy.

“Each one of the days in which we had the opportunity to work at his side, have been a learning for all of us who are part of Club Leon. Landon's commitment to work with the youth, his humane values, leadership skills and strength to achieve the goals are learnings that we will always treasure.Thank you Landon for the courage and character that you showed us. It has been an honour to be a part of your life and untouchable career. We wish you all the success in future projects that come ahead,” said Club Leon in a statement.