Santo Back to Boyhood Club Catolica in 2023

Franco Di Santo, whose full name is Franco Matias Di Santo, is an Argentine footballer. He has played as an international footballer as well. Current news of his games and performances is few. The only news is that he was active in the transfer market that opened up in January 2023. In that, he was transferred, from Tijuana to club Catolica. He is valued at 0.4 million EUR currently.

If we look back at this career he has been around the Catolica clubs from the beginning. Indeed, he started his professional career as a striker for the Universidad Catolica club, which is part of the Chilean Primera Division.

Soon after that, he moved to Chelsea in the year 2008. He was recruited for the first team, though he was put in reserves initially. He was then loaned to Blackburn Rovers. From here he moved on to Wigan Athletic. By now his value was 2 million pounds in the year 2010. He also was part of the winning team in the FA cup in 2013. He totaled 14 goals over more than 120 matches in the Premier League. In 2013 he was also released after Wigan got relegated from the Championships. After that, he joined Werder Bremen, a club in Germany. He played for this club for two seasons after which he joined Schalke 04.
If we look at his international career, he represented Argentina’s national team on three occasions. His striking abilities on the field earned him the nickname Crespito or Little Crespo who was a former well-known Argentinian striker. After his contribution to the FA Cup of 2013 Di Santo was re-called to the national team of Argentina again. He was part of the provisional team that played in 2014’s FIFA World Cup. BBC even remarked on his inclusion as a surprise element. It is hoped that he gets to make a comeback in international football again soon.